Migration of On-Premise Infrastructure to the Cloud

The client provides online services. A rapidly growing user base and entry to new markets required the IT environment to be enhanced to achieve a scalable and reliable global infrastructure. The client also wanted to reduce the number of employees dedicated to managing the hardware architecture. The goal of the new solution was to enable the client to focus all efforts on programming and service delivery.


Project in a nutshell




IAC (Terraform, Ansible, scripting languages), CI/CD (Jenkins, Octopus, application development tools), Containers (Docker, Kubernetes Engine), Native Cloud Solutions (Database, Firewall, DNS), GCP (Google Cloud Platform), AWS (Amazon Web Services)


12 months


1 Leam Lead

4 Cloud Engineers / Architects

2 Database Administrators

4 System/Network Administrators

Form of cooperation

Agile, Time & Material

  • Consulting - legal & regulations

  • Technical stack assessment

  • Cloud technologies

  • SLA & maintenance

Innovations and challenges

The client needed to automate the process of updating key services, i.e. DNS, VPN, databases etc. We implemented the cloud provider's native services, which ensured a high SLA and a fully automated update process (including CloudDNS, CloudSQL, CloudVPN). In addition, we replaced the client's static service containerisation systems, which showed their limitations with high traffic. In their place, we introduced a fully scalable containerisation solution and a proprietary solution for uninterrupted customer updates. An additional innovation was using a global solution, which the cloud operator runs in all regions of its network. This secured the client's data by spreading out its storage location and enabled future use of the availability of these resources when running client applications in any region of the world.

The biggest challenges were the size of the client's infrastructure and ensuring that all services were prepared for hard-to-predict multiple loads (the client's business is not cyclical, and peaks are sudden and unpredictable). In addition, we had to plan the migration process in such a way that it did not negatively impact current business processes. The client required a high SLA for its services, so we used the cloud provider's native solutions.


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